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Signing Up

Creating your "Account"
Signing up to use Augur means that you'll need to attach a wallet. Your wallet is a private and secure account that allows you to access, monitor, and use your funds.
You can think of your wallet as similar to Cash App or Venmo, except instead of just sending money, you can also use it within applications, including Augur. More on wallets.
You can create a new wallet with one of the built-in providers or bring your own. Setup usually takes no longer than one or two minutes.

Choosing your wallet provider

You may decide which wallet provider you'd like to use based on how you'd like to sign up. Each provider has different requirements for recovery if you lose access.
If you lose your password, wallet options that log in with a piece of personal info (Email, phone number, Google sign-in) are recoverable with that info along with a private key and/or secure phrase. Web3 wallets are recoverable only with private key and/or secure phrase. You'll find your private key and passphrase within your wallet menu.
Caution: Make sure to write down your secure phrase and private key and store it somewhere safe. If you lose your private key and recovery phrase, your funds may be lost.
After you create your wallet, you'll want to add funds. Another important consideration is how you are able to add funds to each different wallet (More info on how to add funds).
Augur has several built-in wallet options. Choose your preferred Sign-Up method and see instructions below for each one.
Signup Method
📮 E-mail (Credit Card Deposit Available)
🔍 Google (Credit Card Deposit Available)
📱 E-mail (Credit Card Deposit Available)
🔑 Private Key (Passcode)
Portis | Email
Fortmatic | Email
Torus | Google

📮 Portis Wallet (Sign-Up with E-mail Address)

  • First, Select Portis (Signup with Email), the first option from the menu
  • A popup in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will appear. Click “Continue” to register a wallet with Portis.
  • You're almost finished! Enter a valid email address and password (twice). Click “Register”.
  • IMPORTANT: If your password is lost/forgotten you will not be able to access your funds without knowing your recovery sentence.
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

📱 Fortmatic Wallet (Sign-Up with Phone Number)

  • First, Select Fortmatic from the sign-up menu
  • A popup will appear. Click “Continue” to register a wallet with Fortmatic.
  • Enter a valid phone number (alternatively, use your email address) and click 'Sign Up.'
  • Enter the code that is sent to your number or email address.
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

🔍 Torus Wallet (Sign-Up with Google)

  • First, Select Torus from the sign-up menu
  • A popup will appear. Register with your preferred Google account (See the below video for more info).
  • IMPORTANT: Your private key is specific to your computer and Google login account, in the event of losing your Google login account password, you would need to start the password recovery process on Google's account management system. Be sure to back up your account recovery codes and keep them safe.
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

🔑 Web3 Wallet

  • You may also sign up using any other supported Web3 wallet, including Metamask, Edge, Trezor, and Ledger (See instructions for creating each of these individual wallets by clicking on their link)
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

⛽ Fees

Augur runs on a peer-to-peer network which requires small fees to be paid for actions such as taking trades.
You will need to hold another currency, ETH, to pay these fees.