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Account Summary Explained

P/L, Notifications, Active Markets, Watchlist & More
The Account Summary page serves to give you an overview of the activity of your account. From your notifications to your profit (or loss), the overall vital signs of your account can be seen on this page.
The page is divided into 5 main sections:

🛎️ Notifications

The notifications section displays alerts for activities which require your attention or those that have transpired within relevant markets.


When a market for which you are participating in disputing requires an action on your part, you may do so from the notifications section.

Claim Proceeds

When you own winning shares in a resolved market, you are able to claim the proceeds by selecting the button within the notifications section.

🔛 My Active Markets

My active markets is a snapshot of your positions across all markets.

⛰️ Account Overview

Your account overview displays information about your balances and activity. It also displays your profit and loss at the bottom of the section.


Total Account Value: Total sum of available trading balance and frozen funds.
Available Trading Balance: Balance that is available to make new orders.
Total Frozen Funds: The sum of the funds that are locked in an order or a position.
REP Balance: Total balance of REP
REP Staked: The amount of REP that is staked via reporting or disputing.


Positions: The number of positions you've held over the period selected
Number of Trades: The number of trades you've made over period selected
Markets Traded: The number of unique market questions you've held positions in
Markets Created: The number of markets you've created over period selected
Successful Disputes: The number of successful disputes you've made over period selected
Redeemed Positions: The number of redeemed positions over period selected.

Augur Status

Toggling to 'Augur Status' will display how synced your user interface is with blockchain data. In other words, it will tell you if the data has been fully updated; and if not, how far behind it it.
Also, this section will tell you the total open interest in Augur, as well as the number of active users, trades, volume, markets created, markets in dispute, and REP in dispute over 24hr, 1 week, 1 month.

👓 Watchlist

The watchlist section shows markets that you have added by selecting the ★ icon in the market details section on an individual market page or when browsing markets.

💲 Transactions

The transactions section will give you a log of all of the transaction types (trades, claiming proceeds, reports, disputes, and participation tokens) that you have completed.
Note: Augur will only save transaction history for 60 days. After that, your transaction history can be found by copying your wallet address into
You can filter by date, action type, coin (DAI, REP, ETH), and can also search your transactions or reset these filters. Additionally, you can export this history as a CSV file.