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Logging In

Accessing Augur with your wallet
If you have not already created a wallet, follow our guide to Sign-Up by creating a new wallet with one of the built-in providers or bringing your own.
If you’ve already signed up for a wallet, you may login to that wallet with your credentials.
You may log in using one of the several different built-in wallet options:
Log In Method
📮 E-mail
🔍 Google
📱 Phone Number
🔑 Private Key (Passcode)
Portis | Email
Fortmatic | Phone Number
Torus | Google

📮 Portis Wallet (Log-in with E-mail Address)

  • Select Portis, the first option from the menu
  • A popup in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will appear. Click “Continue” to login to your Portis wallet.
  • Enter the Email address and password you used to sign up, select 'Log In'
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

📱 Fortmatic Wallet (Log-in with Email)

  • Select Fortmatic from the Log In menu, select 'Continue'
  • Enter your Phone number (or Email, if you prefer) to sign in to your account
  • Then, enter your password
  • Finally, enter the 6-digit code sent to the number or e-mail address you provided
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

🔍 Torus Wallet (Log-in with Google)

  • Select Torus from the Log In menu
  • Choose the Google Account you wish to log-in with and enter the necessary credentials
  • Select confirm to give Torus permission to display your username and photo as your account information
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

🔑 Web3 Wallet

  • You may also log in using any other supported Web3 wallet, including Metamask, Edge, Trezor, and Ledger by connecting using their respective links in the menu
Success! Complete activation by adding funds!

⛽ Fees

Augur runs on a peer-to-peer network which requires small fees to be paid for actions such as taking trades.
You will need to hold the currency, ETH, to pay these fees.